About Us


Our Company

Right Floral is a factory-based real touch artificial flower wholesale company. We manufacture our flowers with craftsmanship. Our products aim to be elegant, environment-friendly with all components handmade. We keep our flower stems, arrangements up to date, as well as our techniques.

All of our productions, including stems, petals and leaves, are made 100% by hand. We explore the nature in order to mould our artificial flowers. It is very important that we keep the petals as soft as possible. It is also about the customisation, so we welcome every requirement for colours, scent and so on. Your need is our aim.


With Right Floral, you can always find what you want. We supply huge range of productions for different purposes. Our rose is perfect for wedding, our orchid will be great for restaurant and all other popular arrangements are excellent for home decoration. You are always welcomed to contact us for more. With Right Floral, find the right flower.

Flowers and Techniques


The petals are made from degradable polyurethane, meanwhile, antioxidant is added to ensure the natural colour and tactile of the artificial flower.


Every petal is made by hand and our fake flower factory is in stock of huge number of moulds in order to maintain capacity.


There are so many colours can be airbrushed on the artificial flower to display the lifelike feature of our product.


Our factory is able to produce flowers in different stages: bud, half blossom, full blossom and so on. The stem and leaves are nearly realistic as well.


Our QC is on duty every working day and exam every flower. All defective items will be rejected so the quality is guaranteed.


Our artificial flower has passed the CP65 tests.



We use various packages regarding to different items. We can process the drop test to ensure the safety during shipment.


All of the cargos will be manually packing and we will adjust the package concerning the CBM to keep the best utilization. We try to avoid any waste on shipping charge.

Customer Service


Our services include designing flower arrangements and flowers with provided colours, budgets and applied occasions we are able to develop products upon your request.


We offer the samples to our clients to test the quality of all kinds of flowers or arrangements.

Product Display

Clients from all over the world could visit our site, booth in Canton Fair to browse the flowers. Clients are also welcomed to spend time in the showroom, factory or video chat to select flowers.

Social Responsibility

Charity Sale

We regularly participant charity sale activities and donate all income to those who need help.